We at Fectfinder build tools that help fight financial economic crime.

Financial institutions face major challenges preventing FEC. Existing software solutions for FEC prevention and detection are either too focused on rules or AI and lack a user-friendly workflow. That's why Fectfinder was born: to ensure that financial institutions can focus on their core activities while keeping their business safe with minimal effort.

The dynamic team behind Fectfinder is comprised of highly skilled experts in the fields of software development, AI and risk management. They are passionate about making the world a safer place by providing tech solutions that continuously evolve and educate.

Management team

Marcel Boeren - CEO

Marcel worked for tier 1 banks in the Netherlands and is very familiar with daily operations and compliance activities of these banks. His passion is designing intuitive workflows that help people during their daily activities so they can focus on developing themselves instead of routine tasks.

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Robin Bakker - CTO

Robin is an experienced software developer and has designed and developed multiple applications for fraud detection. Building solutions that are centered around people with AI as an enhancement is what motivates him.

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