More background on Fectfinder and Inverness Family Office

More background on Fectfinder and Inverness Family Office

1.5 years ago, I started Inverness Family Office and to this day I have not regretted it for a second. Working all day long, adding value to the families I work for, suits me very well and is also very satisfying. In that context, I don’t miss the many meetings and long car journeys, which used to take a lot of time. Every day I cycle to my office in the center of Den Bosch where I have a beautiful place to work. To be clear: at the banks where I have worked I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of smart, sympathetic and interesting people and I have also been able to learn a lot and develop myself, so I look back on that with great pleasure.

In the past period I spoke to many former colleagues who have opted for entrepreneurship. One of the conversations was with Marcel Boeren, with whom I have enjoyed working with Schretlen for many years. He started Nextgem years ago together with Robin Bakker, where companies are helped to become more data-driven and to get more return from their data. In addition to Nextgem, Fectfinder has now also been established. Fectfinder will provide an integrated platform to provide much better insight into all matters surrounding CDD. We are building an innovative, flexible and modular platform that supports the entire CDD process at financial parties with the help of artificial intelligence. Fectfinder will also offer individual modules.

It will not surprise you that in addition to the activities of Inverness Family Office, I will also contribute to the mission of Fectfinder with great pleasure and enthusiasm; Fight Financial Economic Crime by providing our client with the right tools, people and knowledge. Of course, I can use my experience with CDD from my working period at Rabobank and Schretlen. I’m looking forward to this additional and promising challenge, together with Robin, Marcel and the rest of the team!
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