Empowering compliance, simplifying onboarding, and enhancing security with AI-driven KYC solutions
Transforming KYC with AI-powered innovation.

Transforming KYC with AI-powered innovation.

Our mission is to revolutionize the KYC process in the financial services and automotive sectors through innovative, AI-powered solutions that enhance compliance, streamline customer onboarding, and reduce fraud.

Prevent and detect
financial economic crime

FEC causes billions of losses each year and fraudulent strategies are constantly changing. To prevent and detect FEC you need extreme adaptability while complying with regulatory requirements. Fectfinder provides just that.

FEC detection technology that supports the end-to-end process and makes sure you are compliant

Supporting the end-to-end process and making sure you are compliant

Supporting the end-to-end process and making sure you are compliant

We provide our clients with an innovative, flexible and modular digital platform supported by top-qualified people, ensuring that you comply with legal requirements efficiently.

Automated KYC processes

Fectfinder’s AI-powered platform automates the KYC process from start to finish, streamlining onboarding and ongoing monitoring, reducing manual errors, and improving efficiency.

Robust risk assessment

Fectfinder’s platform offers a comprehensive and dynamic risk assessment process, leveraging advanced algorithms to assess and monitor customer risk profiles in real-time.

Enhanced fraud detection

Fectfinder’s platform offers sophisticated fraud detection capabilities, including identity verification, document authentication, and ongoing monitoring, to reduce the risk of fraud in customer onboarding and ongoing monitoring.

A single system for all FEC-related activities

Fectfinder is the latest FEC-detection tool utilizing best-in-class Know Your Customer processes and state-of-the-art AI. Fectfinder is designed as a modular system.

The microservices technology is extremely flexible and can be configured in any way desired: full or hybrid cloud, or completely on-premises. Our backend scales linearly, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a hundred customers or a few million.

What sets Fectfinder apart


Designed with regulatory compliance in mind with activities stored, monitored and ready to audit at any time.

Modular platform

A secure and modular digital platform based on the latest technology to support an end-to-end process in a single scalable system.

Artificial intelligence

Learn from case investigations to enhance rules. Detect unforeseen suspicious behaviour using advanced pattern detection, network analysis and anomaly detection. 

Cost reduction

Real-time prototyping and continuous improvement to reduce false positives. Up-to-date management information for overseeing the whole operation.

Flexibility and collaboration

All FEC fighters collaborate in a single system which they can customize themselves based on specific risks and needs. Combining flexibility and self-service in one system ensures efficient collaboration.

Rule-based system

Translate FEC risks into typologies and rules, all stored in one system. Test rules in real-time by interacting with transaction data before implementation.

Cloud or on-premises

The microservices technology is extremely flexible and can be configured in any way desired: full or hybrid cloud or completely on-premises. It also scales easily based on specific needs.

Got you interested in a demo? Great! We would love to show you our solution!

The dynamic team behind Fectfinder is comprised of highly skilled experts in the fields of software development, AI and risk management. They are passionate about making the world a safer place by providing tech solutions that continuously evolve and learn. Contact Robin Bakker or Marcel Boeren for more information and schedule a demo.


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